Custom made wheels for your projects

The speciality of MAD'IN is of course, creating and manufacturing wheels for motorsport. This know-how and our advise are at your disposal as soon as you have a project... whenever you have a special requirement or you are seeking something that looks impossible !

Old replica wheels, motorbike wheels, electric vehicle wheels... we are craving all these projects !

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For the launching of the Renaul Alpine A110-50, we have been chosen to make some 21 inch wheels... a little bit special !


           Fuchs wheel replica, made by us                                              And here a BBS replica, also home made


            Motorcycle wheel in 18"                                                                 Side Car wheel in 15"


       Special wheel for Citroen CX trailer                                              Honda concept car wheel

This large wheel is perfectly adapted !

Trike wheels, bike wheels, or personnalised and engraved, special offset wheels, ultra light wheels, our engineering office is ready for you because...

Every Detail Counts !

Take a look at the clearance drawing:


You will understand that the brake system and the wheel have to match perfectly, or the opposite... That is the first point to be considered !

Then we have to talk about the offset, the body of the car, the kind of use and so on...

Advice or quotation... That's what we are here for !

Contact by email  ,  or by phone: +33 385 57 75 88